The Challenge

The Solution

Pegasus Airboots

The most important goal

is  protecting your horse’s health and keeping him comfortable. Common
injuries in sport horses are to the  lower forelegs. The lower limb is comprised of bone, joint, tendon and a  minimum of muscle, leaving the structure  vulnerable. Good leg support will go a long way to keep
 your horse’s  legs safe from the
threat of injury.

The main problems

with most horse  boots are
bulky weight, restriction, heat build up and  poor fit.

Tendons are comprised  of  living cells, which can be easily  damaged from over-heating.  Excessive sweat causes discomfort and  an environment for  disease and  bacteria to thrive.

The problems don’t
stop there ...

Hot boots that collect dirt and sweat , straps that fray ...
time-consuming application...

Pegasus AirBoots are an ideal  choice if you are concerned about these issues.

How are the Airboots different??

Veterinarians have told us the
Airboots have similar benefits of a
properly applied vet- wrap.
A  more natural, holistic approach to leg support, with time-saving conveniences:

User Friendly​. Improved design
allows FAST, EASY application, eliminating the pain of adjusting  and re-adjusting multiple straps

Simple sizing. Perfectly  Fits
  14 to 17  hands,
FRONT or HIND. The fully adjustable
wrap extends 10mm of
protection from  delicate splint area  to outside of leg, in a unique conforming overlap.  Custom fit  seals OUT  the  dirt.

Support. Inner Velcro panel assures

secure, even support (unlike 4- strap boots), preventing pressure points, and restricted blood flow.  Soft inner SPLINT PAD  cushions tendons, absorbing stress of high impact concussion , fetlock strap provides upward lift.

Constructed of  the highest quality, closed cell neoprene, perforated, to allow heat and sweat to dissipate.  Lighter, more responsive  materials
allow freedom of movement.

Exceptional Quality  
 You'll appreciate the fine craftsmanship, and thoughtful details  that make the
Airboots a pleasure to own. Reinforced straps solve ‘Velcro fray’, increasing the life of your boots. No other horse boot has so many sensible features!

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