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“ From my research, Pegasus Airboots are the best
fitting and easiest to use protective boots on the market today.

A simple no nonsense design offers the protection both performance and trail horses need for safe rides and injury reduced competition.”

 ~ Sharon Camarillo
Josh Lyons ​​
 ... On Pegasus Airboots

“As a chief surgeon at Los Lunas Animal Hospital, I appreciate using the Pegasus Airboots
on my own horses. They provide critical protection and support  while keeping legs cooler then  typical boots.

Its refreshing to see a  boot  that’s designed for comfort and Health.” 

~  Dr Donny MacDougall, DVM

“I’ve used many different kinds
of boots in the past, but in this day and age, quality is hard to find in a product.  

I am a equine chiropractor  and I always recommend your  boots to anyone who asks.”
Dr .Tara Layne ~


Dear Pegasus ,
    We have been using pegasus boots for about a year now and absolutley love them! They are the only boot that I know of that you can get durability as well as protection for your horse, not to mention any color or design you want. We use them on all our barrel horses. After having pegasus boots I don't think that I could go back to any other kind.
Thanks For your Awesome product..
Mikala Nealy
“    I am happy to tell you that my sister and niece LOVE the pink AirBoots for thier horse Aina. Attached please find a picture of the team during a carriage competition

Warm Regards,
~ Ursula "


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